KMmaster® – What our customers say

Sustainable Hydropower unterstützt durch KMmaster  Michelle Tompson, Sustainability Support Officer: „The flexibility and adaptability of the knowledge database KMmaster as well as the support during the implementation and the trainings of our Chamber members by Pumacy convinced us of the value of this collaboration tool.“

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Heusch_Pumacy_KMmaster Hanns Peter Spaniol, Managing Director of Heusch GmbH “High customer satisfaction by efficient complaints processing is an important indicator to quality. With the intelligient interface to our company-wide ERP system, we are able to filter and display customer and product data – all in one place.”

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pr_BCBB_Logo_0101_rChristian Buttenberg, CEO of the BlisterCentrum Berlin/Brandenburg: “KMmaster Life Science Edition exactly meets our requirements for modern and efficient training management. Now we can easily identify the training needs of our employees at BlisterCentrum Berlin/Brandenburg. The integrated software solution of Pumacy Technologies AG ensures secure document management and training. KMmaster Life Science Edition helps us save time and money while meeting important legislative and regulatory requirements.”

pr__Celltrend_Logo_0101_rDr. Kai Schulze-Forster, co-owner and division manager quality management at CellTrend GmbH: “CellTrend is a biotechnology company and works as contract research organisation for the pharmaceutical industry. Quality – especially with regard to GMP regulations – is our most important priority. KMmaster Life Science Edition helps us maintain focus on this priority ensuring the electronic management of all relevant documents. We can manage our documents efficiently at any time – from production to review of a document, past trainings, and binding signatures. The Life Science Edition and the integrated qualified electronic signature is a secure system providing long-term access to our electronic records. The system helps us streamline our routine tasks such as versioning, scheduling or providing links. We avoid formal errors and accelerate the creation of documents. In addition, Pumacy provided excellent support and assistance through all stages of the software implementation.”