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Nothing is as valuable as the knowledge and experience of employees and experts within a company. The KMmaster offers decisive benefits to help you actively exploit this knowledge and expertise.

For teams that work on an ad-hoc basis or only for a limited period, using KMmaster as a Service (register now and test the solution) is particularly efficient. This platform can be used for a specific period without additional installation or support costs.

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9 reasons why the KMmaster is the right tool for your company


User-friendly desktop

As a user, the desktop enables you to maintain an overview at all times of outstanding tasks, the documents created by you, and the latest comments from your community.

High-performance search

The full text search scans through the entire document inventory in the KMmaster including all attached Office documents. In addition, with the XOR module, you can also make your existing document inventory accessible. In this way, for example, internal file servers, network drives and SharePoints can be as easily searched as individual file directories.

Evaluation and commenting

Everything contained in the KMmaster is a live document that can be evaluated, commented upon and discussed. With the integrated evaluation system you can always see all of the current evaluations of documents by the users in your community, including an overview of evaluations of earlier versions of the document.


The organization of the documents on the desktop is supported by categories, keywords and templates. Within the document, document information indicates currentness, authors, contributors and document versions.

Document distribution

The document distribution feature enables you to ensure that document content is acknowledged and thus to manage mandatory content. Users for whom a document is obligatory can confirm that they have taken note of its content “at the push of a button”.

Drag & Drop

Simply add files, images or film to your KMmaster documents by “drag & drop” or “copy & paste”.

News system

Company news can quickly be made public and retrieved via RSS. A microblogging tool also supports cooperation and the exchange of information.

Web-based solution

The full web-based knowledge management platform can be used in all common browsers. In this way, knowledge can be acquired at any time and in an appropriate form, finalized and made available.


A single sign-on at your workstation provides you with simultaneous full access to the KMmaster.

Full flexibility

The functions of the KMmaster can be combined, extended or streamlined as desired. Whether the priority is collaborative team work with Web 2.0 tools or a strongly hierarchical workflow, the modeling and release process in the background can be attuned to all scenarios. Users will always find a self-explanatory and intuitive interface. Learn more about our use cases and applications

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