KMmaster® – Research and Development

In time-limited collaborative projects or development departments, an enormous stock of knowledge is built up within a very short space of time. Ideas and concepts become prototypes, products or business models. It is important for the necessary information and experience accumulated in the process to be easily exchanged over the course of the project and develop beyond the project into a valuable reservoir of experience. In addition, it is usually also necessary to refer back to existing inventories of knowledge which are still spread throughout the company. Here the KMmaster can be integrated as a single solution. For teams that work on an ad-hoc basis or only for a limited period, using KMmaster as a Service (register now and test the solution) is particularly efficient. This platform can be used for a specific period without additional installation or support costs.

Advantages for research teams and collaborative projects:

  • Ad-hoc communication, cooperation and systematic exchange within the project via a common platform
  • Tried and trusted templates and structures, including work packages, protocols, profiles, FAQs, glossaries, working documents and outcome documents
  • Fast access to all important information on the project, and to contacts and experts
  • Quick orientation within projects with the help of documented practical experiences
The document history enables traceability of items.

Benefits and functions

  • Pre-configured, adaptable specifications, categories and tags specifically for cooperation in complex projects and disperse teams
  • Easy insertion of existing documents and images via copy & paste or drag & drop, integrated Rich Text editor
  • Flexible rights and roles concept, including release processes
  • Comprehensive search, including outside of KMmaster
  • News system: status reports, RSS feeds, blog, microblog, newsletter
  • Multilingual user interface


Create your own categories

Additional benefits of a cloud solution

Alongside the freely definable operating life, a secure rights and roles concept and release processes based upon it make the cloud solution a secure location for your knowledge sharing. The saved knowledge of your community is available at all times and in an appropriate form. Register today and find out more about KMmaster as a Service for free.