KMmaster® – Life sciences and pharmaceutical industry

Whether it be in industries such as the automotive industry, the chemical industry or the service sector, in quality assurance as an instrument of quality management, templates, activities and processes ensure that a product or service meets the defined specifications. A defined quality level should be achieved with the measures implemented.

Advantages and functions

  • Qualified electronic signature
  • Long-term archiving
  • Traceable document distribution
  • Roles and rights compliance
  • Evaluation system
  • XOR search option
  • Single sign-on

Roles and authorizations

Roles and authorizations

Your benefits

  • Use of current, valid documents
  • Compliance with review cycles (through reminder function)
  • Continuous development of quality documents through scheduled workflows
  • Easy retrievability of documents through intelligent searching
  • Reduced archiving and organizational effort
Dokument distribution
Dokument distribution

Digital signature

Digital signature

Practical application examples

To support teams in the areas of help desk, call center and customer service, the KMmaster is used for:

  • gathering and disseminating lessons learned, best practices etc.
  • continuous improvement of products and processes
  • control of documents through workflows
  • cooperation in teams
  • monitoring and proof of quality

Find out more and familiarize yourself with our practical example from the field of life sciences.