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Bernburg, 27 July 2015

Mit KMmaster für Nachhaltigkeit von Wasserkraftprojekten

The global dialog about accessing fresh and clear water has to consider the impact of sustainable hydropower projects. This discussion is led by the International Hydropower Association (IHA). It is marked by the exchange of knowledge and ideas as well as data and information. The knowledge management platform KMmaster supports this exchange actively.

Die International Hydropower Association (IHA) is the manager of the so called Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol. IHA is driven by an important mission: a world where water and energy services are delivered to all in a sustainable way. The Sustainability Assessment Protocol is dedicated to the evaluation of sustainably of global hydropower project. This is what operators, academia, governments, and many NGOs worldwide stand for.

Active discussions and targeted distribution of data and information support the sustainability of hydropower projects around the globe

“We searched thoroughly for a suitable partner who would take into account our international way of working and who would provide adequate guidance during the implementation process.” says Michelle Tompson, Sustainability Support Officer at IHA.

An important factor of collaboration at IHA is the exchange of documents within their chambers. Whether in the management or the responsible committees, the secure upload and sharing of relevant documents within the chambers is supported by a community concept in combination with individual user roles and rights.

Additionally, a discussion board improves communication within the chambers, no matter the time zone.

“Online collaboration and exchange of information have always been supported by functions to leave comments and feedback on KMmaster items. For IHA we added a discussion board to promote an open discussion culture besides the sharing of data and information,” adds Dr. Lars Langenberg, expert for knowledge management and software-based collaboration at Pumacy.

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Pumacy Systems GmbH

As the internal software house of the Pumacy Group, Pumacy Systems develops the KMmaster software and, with its expertise in the field of information and knowledge sharing, is a skilled and innovative IT service provider. Be it a corporate, industry or cloud solution, for us a strong customer orientation is a key aspect of our journey towards providing high quality software support.

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