KMmaster® – Knowledge management for large and small

The KMmaster makes it possible for companies of all sizes to systematically develop, gather, distribute, store, use and evaluate knowledge. As a modern knowledge management solution it is based on a flexible, adaptable concept consisting of documentation, organization and collaboration. Depending on individual requirements, these three areas may vary. Pyramide


Processes, stakeholders, roles, organigram Existing work processes and roles within a company are modeled. This means that the KMmaster knowledge processes are based on established organizational processes.

Organization of processes and knowledge

  • Joint work platforms for the management of knowledge, innovation and processes
  • Modeling of rights, roles and release processes
  • Process-supported validation of documents
  • Possibilities of integrating other interfaces


Structure, documents, data, classification Development of knowledge building blocks, which, alongside explicit knowledge can also include implicit personal experiences, competences and networks. A special classification system then guarantees quick access.

Documentation of knowledge and experiences

  • Structured storage of knowledge documents, among other things in the form of lessons learned, best practices, frequently asked questions (FAQs) and project fact files
  • Flexible concept for templates and document types
  • Classification by community and taxonomy
  • Comprehensive search also by file attachments


Community, person, groupware, motivation Knowledge and new ideas are developed within groups, exchanged, improved step by step and finally validated.

Collaboration in knowledge communities

  • Support of disperse teams through the community concept
  • News system (internal blog, microblog client, RSS feeds)
  • Employee profiles
  • Status reports on processing and/or development status

Additional communication channels, such as news system and microblogging, enable informal knowledge to be quickly exchanged and the level of cooperation to be increased. Find out for yourself about the KMmaster’s full range of functions.