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Bernburg, 14 February 2007

Eigenständiger Internetauftritt für Wissensmanagement-Software KMmaster von Pumacy

Pumacy Systems GmbH established independent web presence for knowledge management software KMmaster

Pumacy Systems GmbH today announced the launch of a new web site to promote its knowledge management software KMmaster. News about KMmaster as well as detailed information on knowledge management including strategic approaches are now available on // Besides technological issues the web site offers an interactive tool which provides the visitor with different conceptual approaches arising around knowledge, experiences and innovation. The tool serves to identify the need of knowledge management within an organisation. A knowledge management approach is shown in a diagram and linked to a specific solution model.

Pumacy Systems GmbH
Pumacy Systems GmbH is a provider of knowledge management solutions located in Saxony-Anhalt. As an independent system house, Pumacy designs, creates, and implements customised software applications for a holistic knowledge management. Pumacy Systems has customers who are known as leading manufacturers from the aerospace and automotive sector, the life sciences industry as well as the plant and machinery industries.

KMmaster (// is a product of the Pumacy Group appropriate for different knowledge management applications. Individually implemented solution concepts support the integration of KMmaster into different PLM environments to develop, collect, share, store, apply and evaluate knowledge. The KMmaster technology structures working methods and improves business processes. Specially developed KMmaster-“Editions“ combine the knowledge management focus of this technology with further applications such as for innovation management solution.