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Bernburg, 20 March 2012

KMmaster Version 3.0 bietet umfangreiche Erweiterungen für den effizienten Umgang mit Erfahrungswissen

The new KMmaster version enables greater cooperation between divisions and branches worldwide with user profiles, rating, document distribution and search function.

Pumacy Technologies AG today announced the release of version 3.0 of the knowledge management platform KMmaster ( With this release knowledge and experience can be documented and shared more efficiently.

The rating function is designed to evaluate documents and highlight the significance of such documents. The feature provides feedback and statistical information and shows recommendations of other users, which is already widely known from other social networking sites.

The improved search function allows users to filter search results by categories and additional metadata. With the help of an add-on desired information can also be found on external folders.

The version 3.0 allows users to distribute experience and information to users and monitor the distribution of documents according to relevant target groups.

Extended user profiles provide data and information on users and their activities within the system. The function displays all related information with regard to ensuring that the user’s privacy is protected.

In addition, the administration panel allows users to manage template and user-specific data easily and efficiently. Available templates can be extended and used in different languages.

“A large number of our customers are global enterprises. It is of particular importance to them to learn from positive and negative experiences, to draw reliable conclusions and to avoid process failures. KMmaster is a web-based application. With its new functions the system provides rapid access to the experience and the knowledge of experts and users within an organization,” explains Dr. Lars Langenberg, Chief Technology Officer at Pumacy.


KMmaster is a web-based knowledge management application to manage process-based information and documents.

Individually designed solution concepts promote communication and collaboration within teams working in distributed environments. The systematic management of knowledge helps businesses to improve performance and increase profitability.

Pumacy Technologies AG

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