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Bernburg, 10 August 2008

KMmaster® Life Science Edition zur Wissensmanagement-Unterstützung in der Pharmaindustrie und Biotechnologie

With the release of the KMmaster® Life Science Edition, Pumacy Technologies AG unveils a knowledge management platform helping pharmaceutical and biotech companies to streamline their quality processes.

Pumacy Technologies AG today announced the availability of a Life Science Edition. This new release of the knowledge management software KMmaster® ( helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies to streamline their quality processes. The life science industry is characterized by strong regulations with regard to product development (approval and licensing of drug products, FDA requirements) and quality standards within all development sectors. To cope with these regulatory requirements Pumacy Technologies subsidiary company Intakt LifeSciences GmbH developed a concept for pharmaceutical product lifecycle management (PPLM) to streamline knowledge-based quality processes in life science industry. With the KMmaster® Life Science Edition Pumacy has now created a software tool that combines industry-specific requirements and knowledge management approaches within one product.
“Quality processes in life science companies will benefit from a broad application of knowledge management techniques. This includes the development and retention of knowledge as well as the transfer of knowledge,“ said Dr. Lars Langenberg, Chief Technology Officer at Pumacy, regarding to the importance of knowledge management in pharmaceutical and biotech companies.
The KMmaster® Life Science Edition is characterized by several features such as management of standard operating procedures (SOP) and quality system forms, training management, automatic user validation, support of an integrated audit trail, advanced documentation and search features, conforming to 21 CFR Part 11 requirements as well as other functions.


KMmaster (// is a product of the Pumacy Group, appropriate for different knowledge management applications. Individually implemented solution concepts support the integration of KMmaster into different PLM environments to develop, collect, share, store, apply and evaluate knowledge. The KMmaster technology structures working methods and improves business processes.

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